Keele Foundation


The purpose of Keele Foundation foundation is to promote and support the halting of climate change that weakens living conditions, the development and use of good energy, an active lifestyle, sustainable mental health and health care, and a dignified and good life. The foundation can also support art, science and culture.

The foundation will realize its targets, for example, by research grants and donations. 

Funded projects


Research projects


Operating grants to organizations

Contact details

Keele-säätiö PL 68 00521 Helsinki

About the foundation

The Keele Foundation is founded by Mika and Anu Anttonen in 2022. For our part, we want to enable effects that promote well-being and equality in society.


  • Mika Anttonen

  • Anu Anttonen

  • Erika Anttonen

  • Maria Anttonen

  • Mikko Anttonen

  • Tommi Siivonen

  • Research projects

    Keele foundation supports SuperC research project: The role of superconductivity in combating climate change.

    Keele Foundation research projects
  • Operating grants to organizations

    The board decided to distribute an operating grant of 20,000 euros/organization to five different organizations.

    Operating grants to organizations